Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I Make Website Suggestions?
A: Yes! let us know what you would like to see on the site. We are constantly looking for ways to make it better! Just drop us a line here
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: You can cancel at any time. Your account will remain active until the end of the billing cycle that you are currently in.
Set up
Q: How do I set up my Account?
A: 1. Go to and select sign up in the top right corner. 2. Select your desired plan. 3. put in a Promo Code if you have one and click "add code." 4. fill out the account information and click select. 5. Put in your payment information and select pay. 6 READ the message that comes up marked "ALMOST DONE" 7. Go to your email account and look for the "Almost Done" email. it may have gone to junk or spam. DON't FORGET TO MARK OUR EMAILS AS SAFE/NOT SPAM. 8. Follow the link in the email to set up your love on the fly account. You can use the same email and password as you did for the payment screen. 9. once your in, click the blue Profile icon button on the left to get started. Set up your profile then set one up for anyone else in your life you want to stay connected to.
Q: What will I receive from Love on the Fly?
A: Your membership gives you access to our database of Acts of Kindness and Romance. You can create a profile page for ANYONE in your life you want. Let us turn you into a Relationship Ninja!
Q: What's the Dashboard icon for?
A: The Dashboard is your one-stop snapshot of all your up and coming Acts, important dates, and grades. From here you can see how well you are doing on your path to becoming a Relationship Ninja.
Q: What's the Profile icon for?
A: This is where the Magic happens. There are three sections to the profile. 1. "About Me" Just give us a little information about yourself. 2. "Create a Profile" Here you can create a profile for ANYONE in your life you want to stay connected with. 3. "My Loved Ones" This is where all your profiles live. You can edit and change any information you want here as well.
Q: What's the Random Acts icon for?
A: The Random Acts icon is where you can search through our database of romantic ideas. You can search by a specific category or search the entire database.
Q: What's the Calendar Icon for?
A: The calendar icon is simply that. A quick way to see what Acts you have chosen in a glance.
Q: What's the Playbook icon for?
A: The playbook icon gives detailed descriptions of the Acts you have chosen, gives you the ability to grade your act and print out a shopping list.
Q: What's the Blindside icon for?
A: Let's say you want to do something just for you, but you don't want to seem selfish. That's where a Blindside comes into play. Come here to access a database of Romantic Ideas your sweetie can do without you. And if you happen to schedule it at the same time as something you planned for yourself then...
Q: What is the Dog House icon For?
A: If you're in the Dog House and need help getting out, this icon is for you. Let us frontload your calendar with weeks worth of Romantic Ideas to help you out.
Q: Does Love on the Fly really learn what my mate wants?
A: Yes! But we need your help. By ranking the "Acts" we give you our site will begin to suggest things do do based on your mates personality and preferences.
Q: What is PayWhirl?
A: Paywhirl is the payment processing company we use. When signing up for Love on the Fly, you first create an account with Paywhirl, then you use the link in your email to set up your account with us.
Q: What subscription options are available?
A: Monthly subscriptions, or prepay for a year and get one month free! We also offer a 6 Month and Year Gift option.
Q: I want to continue my subscription, what do I do?
A: Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew every month unless you cancel your account. The yearly subscription will renew every year unless you cancel your account, so you don’t need to do anything extra! Gift purchases do not renew. They are one time purchases.
Q: When will I be billed for the monthly recurring membership?
A: You will be billed for your first month immediately upon placing your order for a monthly subscription, unless you have a promo code. Please note that your billing cycle will be every month on the day you sign up until decide to cancel your subscription. The same is true for the yearly subscriptions.
Q: How do gift purchases work?
A: Purchase the gift package of your choice and we will send you a Promo Code via email. You can forward this email to the lucky recipient or print out the flyer and put it in a nice card.
Q: Do gift purchases automatically renew?
A: No. Gift purchases do not renew. They are one time purchases.
Promo Codes
Q: I have a discount code, how do I use it?
A: Promotional code are added at checkout. If you are having problems, the code may no longer exist. However, please contact us and we will be happy to help, just click here
Q: I’m a Company/Brand, can I work with you?
A: We are always interested in working with Companies & Brands. If you would like your company to be featured on Love on the Fly, or if you would like to collaborate/partner with us in any way, please fill out the form at
Q: I’m a Blogger or Social Influencer, can I work with you?
Of course! We are always interested in hearing from bloggers and social influencers. If you would like to review Love on the Fly email us here