Random Acts

Dog House

Your Dashboard will hold all of your vital information. From here you can easily access all of our features , our database of Acts of Kindness and Romance, and manage your entire profile. Click sign up to get started.
Create a profile for any and every one in your life that you want to show your love. Husband, Wife, Kids, parents, in-laws, Anyone. Once we have all their information in one place, we’ll make sure you never forget a special moment again. As your love grows , and you reach new milestones in your relationships, remember to keep your profiles up to date so we can make sure you remain a Relationship Ninja! Click sign up to get started.
Everyone needs a little alone time, but when you’re in a relationship it can be hard to ask for alone time without making your sweetie feel bad. So why not run a Blindside. These are romantic ideas you can send your special someone on without you. And if you happen to schedule that romantic outing so that you can have time to be you, well, that would make you a Relationship Ninja! Click sign up to get started.
Your calendar is the quickest snapshot to all your scheduled acts of romance and kindness. Come here to access your upcoming task , grade the success of past events, or schedule new acts of your own. Click sign up to get started.
Your Playbook will give you access to all your Acts of Romance and Kindness. From here you can schedule task, grade the success of past events , access your supply list for each task, or pick new task of your own. This is where your journey to becoming a Relationship Ninja begins. Click sign up to get started.
Welcome to our ever growing database of Acts of Romance and Kindness. Once you join, you will have access to a lifetime of love. Best of all our system is completely Organic. By ranking the Acts we send you, our system will begin to learn what your loved ones like and start to suggest Acts based on their personality. Click sign up to get started.
We hope you never need this feature, but if you find yourself in the doghouse, we’ve got your back. Just let us know the level of trouble you are in and we will frontload your account with 14 days of Acts of Romance and Kindness designed to get your relationship back on track. Click sign up to get started.

How it works

Our site allows you to tell us about yourself and create a profile for your loved ones. Once you do this, Love on the Fly will start sending you Acts of Romance and Kindness based on what we know about you and them. By ranking these Acts, Love on the Fly will learn what your individual connections like and start suggesting things based on their personality, your important relationship milestones, and the feedback you give us on the Random Acts we recommend. This reduces the chances that you forget to act, or get it wrong when you do act. We understand that money and time is an issue for all of us. That’s why most of these ideas are free and take less than 5 minutes to complete. Now that you know how it works, what’s stopping you? Create a profile today and allow Love on the Fly to make you a Relationship Ninja by helping you develop a deeper connection with your loved ones.

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